Test Your Co-Parenting Skills in a Divorce


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    by Phoebe Hall. Esq., and Julie Cillo. Esq. ©

    When faced with separation or divorce, can you:

    Be realistic about what is best for your children
    Make it your divorce not theirs
    Jointly parent your children putting aside any animosity for their benefit
    Be civilized and set a healthy example
    Resist speaking poorly about your spouse or your spouse’s family in front of your kids
    Avoid making your children choose between you and your spouse
    Let your children spend time with your spouse and spouse’s family and be flexible
    Stand up for your kids when you need to
    Do not allow your children to be mistreated or abused or placed in danger, but don’t expect your spouse to handle them the same way you would
    Remember, when it comes to kids, it’s not about you: it’s about them
    Keep focused on how to raise health, happy, successful kids!

    The decision of one or both parties to end a marriage brings enormous changes for the couple but, most importantly, the kids need their parents to be strong for them and to help them through the changes that divorce brings to them and their family.