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All that Glitters for Kids!

Room Décor Makes a Great Gift

Add a little sparkle to your bedroom décor with this fun project that features your initial in glitter as the main attraction. With just a few supplies and a little patience, you’ll have a fun piece of art you can hang on the wall or on your bedroom door to add a touch of personality to your space. (P.S. Use college colors for your soon-to-graduate sibling who’s headed for the dorm!)

What you need:

• Small canvas
• Glitter glues in assorted colors
• Pencil

What you do:

1. Draw your initial onto the canvas using a pencil. 

2. After choosing a glitter glue color, draw over your pencil lines with a solid line of glue. 

3. If desired, add a second line of glue next to the first. This will help it pop from the canvas! 

4. Use one or more additional colors of glitter glue to create a fun background. Play with patterns like dots, wavy lines, stripes, or grid lines.  

5. Leave your finished piece in a safe place and let dry for at least twelve hours. More time may be needed depending on the amount of glitter glue used.

Display your work!

Ready to hang your artwork? Stretched canvas can be hung as-is, or add a unique frame for more personality. Canvas boards can be hung by attaching coordinating ribbon to the back of the top corners with tape or a strong glue.

Inspired by the Cultural Arts Center’s Collectively Chromatic exhibit, featuring the glitterrific work of Jordann Wine, on display through March 10.

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