All That Glitters

    Gift Idea for Dad - The Good Egg


    What you need:

    • Blue construction paper

    • Dark crayon or marker

    • Scissors

    • Gold glitter

    • Bottle of clear-drying glue


    What you do:

    1. Fold a piece of blue construction paper in half lengthwise.

    2. Using a dark colored crayon draw an arch (like a rainbow) reaching from the top to the bottom.

    3. With the paper still folded, cut along the crayon line. (Older kids might experiment with carefully and slowly tearing the construction paper for a slightly textured edge.)

    4. Open, then drizzle glue on one side of the flat paper egg.

    5. Fold the egg in half again, press lightly, then open. Now the right side of your egg is the same as your left. This is called symmetry.

    6. Sprinkle gold glitter all over the glue on the paper.

    7. Tap excess glitter onto a piece of scrap paper and save for later.