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And the Winner Is… Daddy!

Parents Love Handmade Gifts

Let your dad – or other special man – know how much he means to you by awarding him a very handcrafted keepsake trophy this Father’s Day. Personalize it to show off what makes him special to you!

What you need:

• Two paper cups (neutral colors recommended)
• Masking tape
• Gold or silver paint
• Paint brush
• Construction paper
• Scissors
• Glue
• Foam letters and numbers
• Other decorative items as desired

What you do:

1.Tape two paper cups together bottom-to-bottom by wrapping masking tape around the area where they connect.

2.Paint the cups and tape silver or gold until completely covered. Set aside to dry.

3.From card stock, cut out two D-shaped handles for your trophy and paint.

4.When dry, glue the handles to the upper cup along the flat side of the D.

5.Add foam letters and numbers to spell out a special message for your father:  #1 Dad, Greatest Dad, Super Pop, etc.

6.Optional: Use additional accents of your choice to decorate the trophy. Try glitter, sequins, pom-poms, buttons or anything to personalize the cup just for Dad.

Take it further:

• Personalize it! Dad loves to fish? Add fish shapes to the trophy. Is he into sports?
Use sport-shaped foam pieces or stickers to decorate the trophy.

• Fill it up! Add candy, office supplies, or tiny notes of affirmation for Dad to the top cup of the trophy.

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