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Cheer on Team USA in Style

Kid-Crafted Patriotic Maracas

Maracas are a musical instrument often used in Caribbean and Latin music. Usually played in pairs and originally made with gourds, you can make these maracas with plastic water bottles and a variety of filler items to create different sounds. Use them to cheer on Team USA at home!

What you need:1608_KCD_2

• Two empty 8-oz water bottles

• Two toilet paper rolls

• Electrical tape or duct tape

• Get creative with your filler: sand, salt, pebbles, birdseed, rice, beans, dried pasta, paper clips, beads, etc. (For optimal musical combinations, try filling one maraca with something small, like rice, and the other with something larger, like beans.)

1608_KCD_3What you do:

1.Fill clean, dry water bottles with the contents of your choice. Test your materials for sound contrast. Once you find the sounds you like, close the water bottles with the cap.

2.To create handles, cut down the middle of the toilet paper rolls.

3.Tighten the rolls around the end of the water bottle, and seal with tape. Be sure to wrap slowly, making sure you cover the entire roll so that your maraca has a sturdy handle.

4.Now that your maraca is complete, get shaking.

1608_KCD_4Feeling Extra Creative?

If you want to take your maracas to the next level, decorate the bottle part of your maraca like our art studio helper did. Use stickers, permanent markers, or paint. Be sure to let markers or paint dry completely before you play your maracas. (P.S. You can upload a picture of your creation to the RFM Facebook page!)

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