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Craft a Ghost Decoration

Halloween Decorations Are All the Rage!

Make a ghost of your own for your room. Or, have a DIY craft party and make this fun craft with friends.

What you need:

Common household items to build your ghost frame, such as tall water bottles or plastic jars and a ball
White or light-colored cheesecloth, gauze, or natural fabric
Black fabric or construction paper
Liquid starch
Spray bottle
Plastic wrap
Scissors, glue, and tape
A large baking sheet

What you do:

1. Place your baking sheet on a table. This will be your work surface and will also make clean up a little less scary.

2. Make the frame for your ghost by taping the ball to the base jar, vase, or water bottle. 

3. Cut three squares of white fabric to cover the whole frame you created. It should touch the baking sheet. Now, pull it off and set it aside.

4. Fill a spray bottle with liquid starch.

5. Drape the ghost frame with one layer of plastic wrap, then with the layer of white fabric. You will start to see your ghost form.

6. Spray the fabric generously with starch. Add a few more layers of fabric to your ghost, and spray each layer with more starch.

7. Let your ghost dry in the sun for a few hours or overnight. 

8. Once dry, separate the ghost from the frame underneath. Don’t be worried if it sticks. You can reform the ghost!

9. Cut out a few shapes from the black fabric or paper to create a face for your ghost to give it a personality.

Photos: Scott Schwartzkopf

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