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Crafting A Capgrosso

Crafting a Capgrosso

Little Big-Heads are Tons of Fun

The big-head, or capgrosso, is a traditional Spanish art form made of paper maché and donned for parades and celebrations.Use a similar technique to make a maraca or puppet.


What you need:

• Small pieces of flat cardboard

• Small balloons


• Masking tape

• Newspaper

• Flour and water

• Acrylic paint and brushes



What you do:

1. Blow up balloon and tie off.

2. Punch a hole in cardboard with pencil, tuck the knotted part of balloon through the hole, and tape the bottom.

3. Tape cardboard with balloon to table.

4. To make paper maché: Option 1 – mix equal parts flour and water, and mix rapidly. Option 2 – mix one part flour to five parts boiling water. Add flour slowly and mix rapidly. This makes a smoother paste. (Cool before using.)

5. Tear newspaper into small pieces.

6. Dip pieces of newspaper in paper maché paste to lightly wet the paper (not soak) and apply to balloon. Repeat with three layers.

7. Let dry.

8. Pop balloon and remove from bottom.

Make a maraca

9. Fill with popcorn kernels, dried beans, small pasta, or rice.

10. Patch hole with tape (and paper maché if you have any left.)

11. Let dry and paint with acrylic paint.

Or make a finger puppet

Fit opening to one or two fingers and reinforce with masking tape. Let dry and paint with acrylic paint.


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