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Crafty Holiday Treasure

Make a Marbled Ornament or Gift Tag

Getting the kids together for a holiday party is even more fun when a cool craft is involved. Try a make-your-own ornament or gift tag get-together to brighten a holiday afternoon.

What you need:

• Shaving cream
• Food coloring or liquid watercolor
• Cardstock or watercolor paper
• Craft sticks
• Hole punch
• String or ribbon
• Holiday cookie cutters
• Pencil
• Scissors
• Cookie sheet

What you do:

1. On a sheet of card stock or watercolor paper, trace a holiday cookie cutter or draw your own unique shape. Once done, cut out your shapes.

2. Cover half of your cookie sheet with shaving cream, and smooth it out with your craft stick.

3. Add a few drops of your favorite colors of food coloring or liquid watercolor on top of the shaving cream.

4. Using your craft stick, slice through the shaving cream to mix up the colors. Make sure not to mix it up too much, this will cause the colors to dull.

5. Place your paper shapes on top of the shaving cream and gently pat them down. Let them sit for ten seconds.

6. Remove the paper shapes and place them shaving cream side up on the clean half of the cookie sheet. Using the side of the craft stick, scrape off all the excess shaving cream from the paper. The color transfers to the paper.

7. Let the shapes dry, then punch a hole and tie on a string or ribbon Hang them around your house this holiday or give a set as a gift. You might also use your creation as a gift tag. 


Photos: Scott schwartzkopf

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