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Create an Up-Cycled Hanging Garden

This craft celebrates spring with flowers made right from the recycling bin! No need to feel guilty about the water bottles you had to buy for the game last weekend. Plus, there are a lot of spring holidays coming up, right? Everyone enjoys a homemade gift!

What you need:

• Empty water bottles
• Scissors
• Markers or paints and paint brushes
• Tape or glue
• Dental floss or fishing line

What you do:

1. Cut the water bottle in two pieces where the top of the label falls, and set aside the bottom part.

2. Cut straight up from bottom edge to the neck of bottle in equal sections to create flower petals with square ends.

3. Fold petals up to make the shape of the flower with the opening of the bottle forming the center of the flower.

4. Trim ends of petals into desired shape. (Draw outline first if helpful.)

5. Color petals on the inside of bottle.

6. Tie one end of the floss around the neck of the bottle.

7. Cut the bottom of the water bottle in half.

8. Cut a spiral for the stem from the top half, and create leaves from the sides of the bottom half of the bottle.

9. Color stem and leaves on the inside of bottle.

10. Roll tape, and tape the leaves to one end of the stem.

11. Attach the opposite end of the stem to the inside of the neck of the bottle with tape.

12. Hang in a window to catch the sunlight, or create a mobile by tying several flowers to a stick or wooden rod.







Central Virginia Waste Management Authority offers waste collection and recycling programs for residential use within thirteen localities in Virginia.
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