Deck Those Halls!

    Garland Fun Goes On and On



    Make garland for the holiday – or any day! Just change the colors and the shapes of the pipe cleaners.

    What you need:

    • Yarn

    • Pipe cleaners

    • Cardboard swatch (about 3 inches wide)

    • Scissors, ruler

    • Streamers, ribbon, or more yarn


    What you do:


    1. Wrap yarn around your fingers (or cardboard) about thirty times.

    2. Cut yarn and leave about a foot of extra length.

    3. Remove fingers (or cardboard).

    4. Wrap extra length around the middle twice.

    5. Tie a tight knot.

    6. Cut the looped ends of each side.

    7. Fluff the pom-pom.



    Snow Flakes

    1. Cut three same-size pieces of pipe cleaner: about five to eight inches, depending on the size of your snowflakes.

    2. Make an X with two pieces and twist together in the middle.

    3. Take a third piece and crisscross it through the middle and twist together

    4. Spread the pieces evenly.

    5. Cut six or more 3-inch pieces.

    6. Find the middle of each piece and twist one piece to the middle of each longer piece until all six have a V-shape attached to it, to create a snowflake shape.

    7. Lay out your garland base (yarn, ribbon, streamers, etc.) and attach pom-poms and snowflakes.



    Take it further: Use paper clips or clothespins to attach photos, ticket stubs, or other lightweight memorabilia to your garland.