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5 Bathroom Updates

Over the past several months, as most of us have spent more time at home, it has become more important than ever to make our homes a place of comfort and sanctuary. We families have also spent more prolonged periods of time together, and for many busy parents, it can be hard to find a time or place for yourself. Some of us may even seek a few minutes of solitude in the only room with a door that locks – the bathroom. To update your space for these solo retreats, some simple additions can go a long way when you consider all five senses. Whether your budget allows for a few bath products or a large-scale remodel, here are some ideas to help create an upscale spa experience without leaving your bathroom. 


As with most rooms, lighting is one of the most important components and can go a long way to create a more relaxing ambiance for your bathroom. Install a dimmer switch to make your lighting adjustable. Brighter light in the morning can help awaken you, and softer light at night can help prepare you for sleep. A few candles scattered throughout the room will warm the space as well. 

If you’re up for a project, add some color with an accent of wallpaper or geometric tile behind your vanity. Plants are another way to infuse color and life into your space. Live orchids thrive in the often humid climate of a bathroom.


An often overlooked addition to your bathroom is the sound system. Rather than take your phone into the bathroom, add a wireless speaker for better audio streaming of soft music or ambient noise or instant access to a podcast or audiobook. As a decorator, I often try to conceal these speakers behind a basket, small stack of towels, or potted plant.


Another quick and easy update is an investment in new linens for your home spa. A plush robe will help you get in touch with a spa mentality, while upgrading your old tattered towels for new threads will make you feel like you’ve checked into a posh hotel. Animal shelters are often happy to accept donations of towels. Also, consider adding an oversized cotton rug rather than the standard bath mat to elevate the space. Lastly, install a towel warmer to further transform your bathroom into a spa oasis.


One of the simplest ways to achieve an instant upgrade is the use of fragrant bath products. My favorite brand is Molton Brown for their travel-inspired scents. A small dose of bath gel or soaking salts can transform a standard bath time into a relaxation regimen. To upgrade your shower, try adding a few drops of essential oils to a corner of the shower floor before turning on the water to infuse the steam and achieve instant aromatherapy. Oil-based reed diffusers are also helpful to subtly keep the bathroom smelling fresh at all times.


If you’re so inclined to extend your stay in your new home spa/bathroom, be sure to invest in a wine glass holder that can attach to your tub and take relaxation to the next level. A teak or bamboo bench is another great addition to your space and doubles
as the perfect spot to rest a warm
cup of tea.

Designing a space with attention to all five senses can help create a spa-like setting in your own home. These small additions will help create a space made for relaxation and one you can afford to visit every day of the week. 

Photo:  richard barrett

Leah launched her company, Leah Walder Interiors, to help families make the most of their spaces. She lives in Westover Hills with her husband, Michael, and their two young daughters.
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