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Do You Zoo?

Make a fun Play Set at Home


Here’s a fun collaborative project for families with kids of different ages and abilities. Brainstorm on different animals and zoo components, then create a play set out of materials found around the house and in the recycling bin. Visit the Metro Richmond Zoo or the National Zoo in Washington, DC, to get some ideas for your animal habitat play set.

What you need:

• Toilet paper tubes
• Paper towel tubes
• Paper, scissors, ruler, markers, crayons, paints and paintbrushes, glue or tape
• Gather a variety of materials headed for the recycling bin: cereal boxes or thin cardboard, water bottles or milk cartons, plastic jars, and other materials from around the house.
• Decorative materials: cotton balls, ribbons, and stickers. Get creative!

What you do:

For animals
1. Mark length of toilet paper tube on piece of colored paper and draw line across paper.
2. Cut along line.
3. Cover tube with paper and glue or tape.
4. Draw and cut out face, paws, tails, feathers, wings, and other parts for the animals you are going to make.
5. Attach pieces and parts to the tube using tape or glue.

For trees, signs, and zoo structures (reptile house, polar bear enclosure, monkey enclosure, aquarium) 

1. Draw the shape of the leaves of the tree (or signs, etc.).
2. Cut out and color if desired.
3. Cut two slots across from each other on top of tube.
4. Insert leaves (or signs) into slots.
5. Get creative with your materials and remember, there are no mistakes! 

Central Virginia Waste Management Authority offers waste collection and recycling programs for residential use within thirteen localities in Virginia.
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