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Duct Tape Wallet

What you need:

  • Non-porous work surface
  • Ruler
  • Duct tape (two colors)
  • Scissors

What you do:

1. Working on a non-porous surface (glass, marble, hard plastic), begin layering duct tape sticky side down in 8½ inch long strips to create a duct tape sheet measuring 7 x 8½ inches. Leave an extra ½ inch that will be folded over to seal the top edge.

2. Peel up your sheet from your surface and carefully flip it over. Be sure not to let the sticky side touch itself.

3. Fold over the extra ½ inch to seal the top of the sheet and begin layering duct tape to completely cover the sticky surface. Leave an extra ½ inch at the base to fold over the bottom edge.

4. Trim your edges with scissors so that they are an even 8½ inches.

5. Fold your piece in half length-wise to create a pocket for your cash. Fold a piece of tape over each side to seal the pocket.

6. Fold your wallet in half, cash pocket facing up. Slip a ruler into the fold, and measure the length from center of the wallet to the edge. It should be about 4 inches.

7. Using the same sheet making technique as above, create another sheet of duct tape measuring 3½ x 4 inches. Fold to make a 1¾ x 4 inch card pocket.

8. Align the card pocket with the center-fold on either side of your opened wallet and secure the edges and bottom with tape.This step can be repeated more than once

9. If you like, personalize your creation by using a different color duct tape to accent your new wallet.

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