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Easy Image Transfer

Easy Image Transfer

Endless Options with Clay Technique

1309_KCD_2 Use printed images and easy to work with oven-bake clay to create a unique piece of art for wearing, giving, or displaying.

What you need:

• Image on paper from a laser printer

• Oven-bake clay (Sculpey)

• Spoon

• Cup of water

• Cotton balls

• Oven

• Paint

• Optional: yarn, wire, or jewelry findings






What you do:

1. Print an image on a laser printer, or use a copier at your local library or copy store. Trim away excess paper.

2. Condition a piece of clay for two to three minutes, working it with your hands until it becomes soft and pliable.

3. Roll the clay in to a 1/8-inch thick slab and trim to the shape you prefer.

4. Place the image face down on the surface of the clay.(Image will be reversed on the clay.)

5. Using the cotton ball, soak the back of the paper with water.

6. Rub the back of the soaked paper with the back of the spoon, pressing out air bubbles. Soak and rub again, being careful not to move the transfer image. Lift the edge of the paper and check to see if image has transferred to the clay. If it needs more time, replace the paper and rub that area again with the spoon.

7. Remove paper and let dry. Carefully remove any leftover bits of paper from the clay.

8. Trim clay if necessary and bake at 275 degrees in pre-heated oven or toaster oven for 15 minutes according to product directions.

9. Allow the baked clay to cool completely.

10. Paint your image.



Now what? You can affix your completed piece to a pin-backing to wear on your favorite jacket, attach wire to the back of it for hanging on a wall, fasten it to a piece of wood for an indoor plant spike, or poke a hole in your masterpiece before baking and loop a piece of yarn through it to hang on a wall, or wear it as a pendant.

Visual Arts Center of Richmond
The Visual Arts Center of Richmond is a community arts center that's been helping adults and children explore their creativity and make great art since 1963.
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