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Every Day is Splendid

Maharaja-Worthy Functional Art


Inspired by a collection that explores the amazingly rich visual culture of India’s last royal families, transform an everyday item into a splendid object, symbolic of power and untold wealth.


What you need:

  • Serving-size forks and spoons (buy these at a thrift store or dollar store if you don’t have any extras at home)
  • Wire that’s easy to work with and bend
  • Decorative beads
  • Wire cutters or scissors
  • Gems or stones, glue gun (optional)


What you do:

1. Measure and cut about an arm’s length of wire
2. Bend one end of the wire into a loop and twist until you have a secure loop.
3. Slide the wire loop over the handle of the fork or spoon and stop when you reach the neck. Thread the beads onto the wire. See if you can create a pattern.
4. Leave about three inches of wire without beads.
5. Create another loop with the end of the wire.
6. Twist the beaded wire around the handle of the utensil, wrapping it all the way to the end of the silverware.
7. Bend the looped end of the wire around your utensil and twist the beaded wire around the fork or spoon.
8. Use your flatware for meals, but be sure to hand-wash it, or remove the wire before putting in the dishwasher.
9. Take it further: Older kids can ask an adult for permission to use a low-temp glue gun to attach gems or smooth stones onto the utensil handles. Also, consider adorning an entire place setting, or a set of forks or spoons, and mounting your work on a plaque or board for unique kitchen art.
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