Feast Place Cards

    Kid-Crafted Thanksgiving Décor


    This Thanksgiving, your kids can craft with purpose — knowing that their artwork will be a special part of the holiday feast. Pilgrim hats and Native American headdresses, fall leaves, pumpkins, and of course, turkeys can mark each diner’s special place at the table.

    These fun place cards can also be used as napkin holders or grouped together for an eye-catching centerpiece. Moms and dads, start saving those tubes and encourage your kids to get busy.


    What you need:

    • Cardboard tubes
    • Construction paper, card stock
    • Feathers, fabric, yarn, tissue paper
    • Glue, scissors, markers


    What you do:

    1. Cut tubes in half.

    2. Decorate your cardboard tube with cut paper and other supplies. Add details with markers and colored pencils.

    3. Cut slits across from each other in the top of the tube.

    4. Write names on cards.

    5. Slide cards into slits.