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Feeling a Little Batty?

Crafty Idea for Halloween Kids


If you’re crazy for Halloween, here’s a fun home décor idea. Can’t you just picture one of these bats in every window, the way some folks use wreaths during the holidays? Or make one for every member of the family and let them hang out together.

What you need:1410_KCD_3

• Paper towel or toilet paper roll tube

• Purple, black, or brown acrylic paint

• Paint brush

• Paper plate

• Glue

• Scissors, hole punch

• Yarn

• Some sort of clip or clothespin


1410_KCD_4What you do:

1.Cut a paper plate in half in scallops (swoops) across the paper plate’s flat side. These are your bat’s wings.

2.Cut or punch out your bat’s eyes from the leftover plate material.

3.Punch two holes in tube (for bat’s feet).

4.Fold the rims of your paper tube toward the inside at both ends. This will create the feet and ears.

5.Paint your bat’s wings and body and set aside to dry. We did two-tone wings.

6.Color or paint your eyes. Your bat’s eyes can be sleepy, happy, or whatever mood you would like. Keep in mind that your bat will be hanging upside down.

7.Glue the eyes to the body.

8.Glue the wings to the back of the tube body and let dry.

9.Thread yarn through the holes in the tube.

10.Apply glue and fold the wings around to join in front of the bat’s belly. Use a clip to hold them together as they dry.

11.When glue is dry, remove clip and she is ready to hang!

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