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Flowers, Flowers Everywhere


As spring blooms start to diminish, here’s a crafty way to make some gorgeous flowers of your own. It’s perfect timing for gift giving, too, with Father’s Day and graduations on the radar. Plus, these will look fresh all summer long!


What you need:1506_KCD_2

• Colorful paper (origami paper is great)

• Scissors

• Craft glue

• Push pin

• Gardening wire

• Construction paper

• Floral tape or masking tape

• Boutonniere pin or safety pin (optional)


1506_KCD_3What you do:

1 . Cut a 5-inch circle from your decorative paper.

2. Cut your circle into a spiral, leaving a coin-sized circle in the middle.

3. Starting with the outside end, loosely roll up your spiral, stopping at the circle in the middle.

4. Slightly unfurl the rolled spiral to create your bloom and use the glue to secure the bottom edge of your rolled spiral to the circle in the middle.

5. Cut a length of wire about three inches long for your flower stem.

6. Use your push pin to make a small hole in the bottom of your flower. Thread the wire through the hole and bend the end over itself to secure it.

7. Cut several leaves from your construction paper.

8. Make holes near the ends of the leaves and thread them onto the wire. Secure them with glue.

9 . Wrap your wire with floral tape or masking tape, starting at the base of the flower and going to the end of the stem.

Take it further: Make several more flowers and create an arrangement, use the blooms to make hair accessories or jewelry, or carefully pin it onto someone as a boutonniere or corsage.

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