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Felted Soaps and Stones

Whether you start with a stone and finish with a paperweight, or go a more practical direction and work with soap, you’re sure to have a unique felted treasure perfect for giving.


What you need:

• Bar of soap or smooth stone

• Dish soap (for felting a stone)

• Carded wool (at Ben Franklin or specialty knitting stores)

• Bowl of hot water

• Pantyhose (not necessary, but it speeds up process)

• Bubble wrap, washboard, or other textured surface


What you do:

1. Wrap wool tightly around soap or stone until completely covered.

2. Layer thin pieces of wool in other colors to create a design or add interest.

3. Place the soap or stone into the toe of hose and tie a knot so that it’s very snug; cut off the excess.

4. If you’re felting a rock, add dish soap to the hot water bowl (otherwise skip this).

5. Dribble hot water over the soap/stone until it is saturated.

6. Squeeze and rub the soap/stone and continue to dribble water over it.

7. The soap will suds up a lot.Periodically dunk the soap in water to get rid of the suds.

8. When the wool feels like it has tightened around the soap a little, begin to rub harder. Next, use the bubble wrap or other textured surface.

9. Rub in all directions for about 15 minutes until the wool is very snug around the soap, and you can’t pull it off.

10. Remove it from pantyhose and rub more if necessary.

11. Squeeze out as much water as possible, blot with a towel, and let dry.

Tracy Scott is a self-professed baking addict and foodie who lives in Chesterfield County with her husband and two kids. She managed the calendar and handled social media for RFM before moving on to the corporate world.
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