It’s Global Cool!

    Do Your Own Thing Under Glass!



    A traditional snow globe is a unique and colorful decorative accent for any room. You might also look into commemorating a special vacation or sports season by crafting a snow globe tribute.


    What you need:

    • Glass jar with a tight-sealing lid (try mason jars)

    • Small plastic figure or toys – animals, plants, sports figures, insects, cars, costume jewelry, or any items that will fit inside the jar

    • Glitter or crushed eggshells (hint: place eggshells in a bag and crush with a rolling pin)

    • Low-temp glue gun

    • Water or mineral oil (mineral oil slows down the snowfall)

    • Food coloring (optional)

    • Ribbon, yarn, or string


    1401_KCD_4What you do:

    1. Create a scene on the lid of the jar by attaching your items with a glue gun.

    2. Allow plenty of time to dry.

    3. Add glitter or crushed eggshells to the jar.

    4. Fill the jar with water or mineral oil and food coloring if desired.

    5. Place the lid with the scene on the jar.

    6. Add more glue to the seal of the outside rim of the jar.

    7. Decorate the jar with more elements if you like. Wrap the base (lid) in fabric, and tie a ribbon or string around the rim.

    (Exercise caution with glue guns. Adult supervision is recommended.)