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It’s a New Way to Bubble!

Get artsy with an activity that blends every kid’s favorite activity – bubbles! – with painting!

With a few simple supplies, young artists can create their own abstract bubble paintings. Families can frame the artwork, turn it into notecards to share with friends, or use large sheets of paper to create homemade gift wrap. Who else is thinking Father’s Day?

What you need:

• Bubble solution (store bought or homemade with dish soap)

• Craft acrylic paints or tempera paints

• Shallow bowls (one bowl per color)

• Measuring cups and spoons

• Straws

• Paper

What you do:

1. In each bowl, combine ½ cup bubble solution with three tablespoons of paint and mix well.

2. Add a straw to each bowl.

3. Before anyone’s mouth gets near a straw, remind children to blow into the mixture and not to suck up the paint/soap mixture. Now, ask them to gently blow into the mixture and create bubbles.

4. After a full head of bubbles appears over the bowl’s rim, slowly set a piece of paper into the bubbles. As you push the paper down, the bubbles will pop making their own unique print.

5. Repeat with different colors until you have achieved the desired effect.

6. Set your print out to dry. Blow more bubbles, and create more bubble prints.

Take it further:

• Create one-of-a-kind gifts for Father’s Day or wrapping paper for Dad or Grandpa’s gift.

• Bubble paper can also be used as layers in your next scrapbooking project. Why not do a page documenting the fun your kids had creating their prints?


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