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It’s in the Bag!

Make Reusable Holiday Gift Bags

The holidays are a time for giving! Creating your own reusable gift bag can make your gift twice as nice. Not only does this save money, but it also allows you to put a personal touch on your gifts.

What you need:1612_kcd_2

• Resealable bags

• Decorative duct tape

• Scissors



What you do:

1.Depending on the size of your gift, measure from the bottom of the bag and cut horizontally to resize it, if necessary.

2.At the newly cut edge of your bag, attach a strip of duct tape, applying half on one side so when folded over the other edge, it attaches to the other side of your bag. It should now be a closed bag again, but at an appropriate size for your gift.

3.Use a single style of duct tape or alternate between colors and patterns, attaching strips from one side of the bag to the other around the sealed edges. Overlap each strip slightly to create continuous color or pattern.

4.Continue until you get to the top of your bag.

5.Wrap your gift in matching tissue paper (optional), and insert it into bag.

6.Add a bow to the front for holiday pizzazz!

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