By-the-Letter Fun

    Crafty Idea for Room Decor is a Wrap



    Monograms are all the rage. It’s easy to craft your own colorful design with this creative and easy-to-execute technique.

    1407_KCD_3What you need:
    • Cardboard

    • Pencil or marker

    • Yarn or ribbon

    • Scissors

    • Tape


    1407_KCD_4What you do:
    1. Draw the initials of your monogram on heavy-duty cardboard in block or bubble style. Draw your first and middle name about the same size and the first letter from your last name slightly larger.

    2. Cut out each letter.

    3. Tape yarn end to the back of one letter.

    4. Wrap the yarn around the letter until the cardboard is covered completely.

    5. Tape or tie off the yard on the back of the letter.

    6. Cut yarn and trim cardboard as needed.

    Just a few display options:

    • Slide a wooden skewer or flat stick through the yarn on the backs of your letter to create a vertical wall plaque.

    • Thread yarn through your letters and tie off to anchor each letter for a horizontal wall hanging.

    • Glue a magnet to the back and use as locker decor next fall.