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Love You To Pieces!

Love You to Pieces!

It’s Almost Time for Valentines

Cold and snowy days are the perfect excuse to stay inside and get busy on making bright, colorful Valentines for friends and family. These beautiful broken hearts will be everyone’s favorite!

What you need:

• Paper: a heavier cardstock for the base and a variety of plain and decorative papers for the mosaic pieces (newspaper, scrapbook papers, construction paper, etc.) 

• Pen or marker, glue, and scissors

What you do:

1. On a solid color piece of heavy cardstock, draw a large heart shape.

2. Tear or cut small shapes out of various decorative papers to be used as your mosaic tiles.

3. Arrange decorative paper shapes within your heart drawing until you have a design you like. Consider creating repetitive patterns or try abstraction by filling in the heart with random pieces until it is full. 

4. Once you have settled on your design, glue down each piece into the heart to finish your mosaic.


1. Use pre-folded cards from the craft store to create Valentine’s cards featuring mosaic hearts on the front.

2. For little hands, consider using stickers or sticky foam pieces to create the mosaic. 

3. Make it a game: Gather the family to create a heart together. After cutting out mosaic paper tiles, take turns passing the heart around, adding one piece to it per person, until the heart is full.

Inspired by the Cultural Art Center’s Collectively Chromatic exhibit whose artists focus on color, texture, and pattern – all the elements present in these mosaic hearts.

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