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Kids Can-Do: Magic Made Simple!

An Out-of-Sight Trick

Whether we’re talking about kids or grown-ups, most of us don’t have any problem making money disappear. To complete our magical Kids Can-Do, and make money vanish into thin air, start with a little bit of prep. Then, follow some simple steps, and perform a classic sleight-of-hand magic trick that will amaze your family and friends. Let’s do magic!

1607_KCD_2What you need:

• Drinking glass

• Several pieces of paper in the same solid color

• Scissors, pencil

• Double-sided tape

• Fabric or scarf

1607_KCD_3The prep:

1.Trace a circle around the rim of a clear drinking glass. Work lightly in pencil, and keep the line as close to the rim as possible.

2.Carefully cut out the circle from the paper using scissors.

3.Use scissors to cut four tiny pieces of double-sided tape, and apply to the rim of the glass with equal space between the pieces. If there’s any excess tape, make sure it sticks out toward the inside of the glass. You don’t want any tape sticking out on the outside of the glass. This can ruin the illusion.

4.Line up the paper as closely as you can with the rim of the glass. Press your glass with the tape down onto the paper circle. The circle you have cut out should cover the mouth of the glass completely.

5.Place this prepared drinking glass upside down on a piece of the same colored paper. The mouth of the glass should look normal, as if it’s upside-down.

1607_KCD_4The trick:

•Arrange two pieces of paper on the table with the prepared glass already resting on one piece of paper.

•Ask someone to lend you a coin, and place it on the opposite paper.

•Drape the “magical teleportation fabric that has the power to make money disappear” over the prepared glass.

•While the glass is still covered, move it over to the other piece of paper and on top of the coin.

•Wave your hand over the glass, then remove the cloth and the quarter has magically disappeared.


Learn more about Mickey’s magic at Richmond Magic Shows.

Magician and professional entertainer Mickey Moore has been working with children for more than twenty years as a volunteer pastor and through his company, Richmond Magic Shows. 
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