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Make a Star-Spangled Suncatcher

Celebrate Flag Day and the Fourth of July

Summer is prime time for a patriotic project. Kids will have fun filling the inside of the suncatcher with bits of tissue paper and starry shapes to dazzle in the sunlight. Hang the craft inside near a window or under a covered porch outside to show off the colorful magic. Having a summer picnic? Set up a craft table with all the supplies so kids can create together.

What you need:

Cardstock: red, white, blue
Clear contact paper
Tissue paper: red, white, and blue
Star-shaped paper punch (or stickers)
Curling ribbon (red, white, blue)
Hole punch, tape, and scissors

What you do:

1.Draw a large star shape on cardstock. 

2.Cut out your star.

3.Fold star in half and cut out another star from inside the larger one. Make sure to leave about a 1-inch border between the outer and inner stars. Set inner star aside.

4.Cut out two pieces of contact paper about an inch wider than the width of your star frame. 

5.Remove the backing of one sheet of contact paper and place star frame down on the sticky part. Make sure star is completely flat when attached.

6.Use star-shaped paper punch to create small stars out of cardstock. Add star shapes to contact paper inside the star frame.

7.Tear small pieces of colored tissue paper and fill in the star frame as desired. Make sure to leave blank areas so the sun can shine through. 

8.Peel the paper off the other sheet of contact paper and place, sticky side down, on top of the star-filled frame. Smooth down paper around decorative bits and frame to attach. 

9.Trim excess contact paper from around the star, leaving a small border. 

10.Cut various lengths of curling ribbon to dangle from the bottom of your star. Tape pieces on one side of the star near the bottom, against the star frame.

11.To hang your finished project, punch a hole in the top of the star frame, string a piece of ribbon through it and tie a loop.

Cultural Arts Center at Glen Allen
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