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Make Your Own Lightning Bug!

Summertime is Here and it’s Time to Glow

Design and create your own lightning bug made from a bottle that really lights up in the dark! This is a perfect camping or backyard activity for kids of all ages.

What you need:

Plastic bottle with lid
Strips of colored tissue paper
2 foam sheets (paper works, too)
1 set of googly eyes
4 pipe cleaners
Liquid glue or Mod podge
Any paintbrush

Options to light up your bug: 

Glow stick (shown in example)
LED string lights
Battery operated tea light candle

What you do:

1. Make your bottle bug unique by gluing tissue paper to the outside. Put glue on bottle first, layer on tissue paper shapes, and add one more layer of glue to protect it. Wait for everything to dry. 

2. Make the legs by wrapping three pipe cleaners around the bottle. Twist the three pipe cleaners closed on the bottom at different sections of the bug to reveal six legs. 

3. Make the antennae by twisting the fourth pipe cleaner around the bottle cap. This will give your bug two antennae. 

4. Add two googly eyes to your creation by gluing them to the bottle cap. 

5. Make the wings by cutting out large foam or paper ovals and gluing them to the top of the bottle.

6. Make your bug light up by opening the bottle and putting a glow stick inside. Close the bottle and have fun!

Photos: Courtesy Children’s Museum 

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