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May Flowers for Mom’s Day

A Sweet Project to Celebrate a Special Woman

Artist Georgia O’Keeffe immersed herself in nature to create White Iris, just one of her works in a series of big fl ower paintings. Be inspired by the joys and colors of the season! Create spring’s perfect present, the fl ower, for your mom or for any special woman in your life.


What you need:

  • Paper (for sketching and priting)
  • Styrofoam tray (Reuse ones that come with many foods purchased from your local gocery store)
  • Pencil
  • Paints
  • Large paintbrush


What you do:

1. Head outdoors with your paper and pencil and let nature inspire you. Sketch a few flowers and leaves on your paper.
2. To create your printing plate, place your design on the Styrofoam tray then trace over each line with a pencil. Try not to lift your paper until you’re completely finished tracing. Next retrace the drawn lines in the foam plate by adding more pressure while drawing. Be careful your pencil does not poke through to the other side of the tray.
3. Now, use your paintbrush to add paint color across the carved design on your tray.
4. Gently place a clean sheet of paper over the painted surface. Press the paper to the tray; use the palm of your hand and slowly rub in a circular motion around the entire paper.
5. Starting from any corner, carefully peel the paper off the tray, and behold your lovely print.
6. Rinse your printing tray and save it for future use.






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