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Mind-Reading Secrets Revealed

Colorful Magic Trick for Kids

No matter how old we are, most of us have wished we could read someone’s mind! To complete our magical Kids Can-Do, and make it appear as if we have the gift of mind-reading, start with a few crayons. Then, follow some simple steps, and perform a classic trick of telepathic craftiness that will amaze your family and friends. Let’s do magic!

What you need:1611_kcd_2

• Red, yellow, and blue crayons

What you do:

1.Choose a volunteer from the audience. Hand your volunteer the crayons. Turn around with your back to the volunteer and the rest of the audience.

2.After you place your hands behind your back, ask your volunteer to pick one crayon and put it in your hands.

3.Ask the volunteer to place the remaining crayons in a pocket so they cannot be seen by the audience.

4.Turn so that you can look at the volunteer while still holding the selected crayon in your hands and behind your back. Quickly scratch the crayon with your thumbnail so some wax gets stuck underneath your nail. While scratching the crayon, ask the volunteer to concentrate on the color of the crayon he placed in your hands.

5.Once you feel that you have scratched a sufficient amount of the crayon wax onto your fingernail for you to see the color, say that you are close to reading what color he selected. Turn so that your back is toward the audience again, keeping the crayon in the hand in which it was originally placed.

6.Curl your thumb so the wax cannot be seen by the volunteer.

7.Instruct the volunteer to remove the selected crayon and place it with the others.

8.Once the volunteer confirms that the selected crayon is hidden, turn around and face the volunteer.

9.Raise your hands with your wax-marked thumb pointed toward you. As you raise your hands, glance at the color under your thumbnail. Do not let the volunteer or audience members see you look at your thumbnail. Hold your hands into the air as if the gesture is helping you read minds. Add some drama by asking the volunteer to one more time think about the selected color. Then reveal to your volunteer and the audience the color of the crayon that was originally placed in your hand. Take a bow!


Magician and professional entertainer Mickey Moore has been working with children for more than twenty years as a volunteer pastor and through his company, Richmond Magic Shows. 
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