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Oh, Christmas Tree!

Ornaments are Always Fun to Make

This crafty endeavor is great for little hands – the folding is very important. Also, everyone knows ornaments make great package toppers and gift tags, so put your little elves to work in the gift-wrapping department this holiday season!

What you need:1512_KCD_2

• Cupcake liners – various sizes, colors, and patterns

• String or ribbon

• Glue stick, glue, or glue dots

• Glitter glue, rhinestones, sequins, decorative paper, stickers, etc.

What you do:


1. Choose at least four cupcake liners to create your tree.

2. Fold each liner in half and then fold in half again to create a triangle shape.

3. Layer each triangle starting from the bottom to the top to create a tree shape.

4. Cut a piece of ribbon or string at least 5” long.

5. Glue both ends of the string between the top two triangles to form a loop for hanging your ornament.

6. Continue to glue the remaining triangles to each other, layering one on top of the other.

7. Once your tree is formed, let it dry for a few minutes and then begin decorating.

8. Use your imagination: use sequins as ornaments; glitter glue to create garland; don’t forget the star on top.

9. If you’d like, add a base to your tree by cutting and gluing a rectangular piece of brown paper to the bottom.

10. Let your ornament dry and hang it on your tree or use as a package topper.



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