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Pattern and Print Play with Stamps

Make a Paper Quilt

Encourage natural creativity by making unique stamps and a paper quilt. Kids will have fun searching for items around the house to build their stamp designs. Then with a little paint, they can design a paper quilt.

What you need:

• Cardboard
• Glue
• Scissors
• Rubber bands, bottle caps, paper clips, and other household items
• Craft paints
• Paper

What you do:

Make the stamps:

1 Cut cardboard into squares and rectangles in different sizes for the stamp bases. For extra stability, consider gluing two pieces of cardboard together to make a stronger, wider base.

2 Make stamps using these methods:

A. Wrap a few rubber bands in different directions around the cardboard. 

B. Cut or assemble cardboard scraps into new shapes or designs and glue onto your stamp base. 

C. Using items from around your home, create texture and design on your stamp. You might glue a set of bottle caps to your stamp base to make circles, or try different pasta shapes.

Make your paper quilt:

3. On leftover cardboard, squirt a small amount of paint. Lightly brush color onto the stamp design.

4. Gently press your stamp on the paper to transfer the pattern. Make sure to press evenly across the design. 

5. Repeat steps three and four, using different stamps you’ve created to design your quilt. 

6. Let your piece dry completely.

Photography: Scott Schwartzkopf

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