Planting the Future with Seed Spheres

    Celebrate Earth Day with a Craft


    The world needs more flowers! Make a seed sphere and grow them anywhere. Plus, adding plants to a landscape reduces the chances for erosion in low-soil spots, attracts pollinators, and beautifies any area with wildflowers!

    What you need:

    • Air-dry clay

    • Soil

    • Native wildflower seeds

    • Water

    • Fabric scrap and string (or a paper bag)

    What you do:

    1. Mold a small ball of clay about an inch and a half in diameter. 

    2. Flatten out your clay like a pizza until you have a round flat surface.

    3. Take a pinch of soil and press it into the clay; you don’t need much.

    4. Spray with a small amount of water until damp, but not soaking wet.

    5. Take five to seven seeds and place them in the soil. 

    6. Fold your clay like a burrito, keeping all the soil and seeds inside. Continue to roll your clay until you’ve kneaded the soil and seeds into a ball.

    7. Wrap your fabric around the ball and use the string to secure it. You can also place your seed sphere in a paper bag. This way, everything is biodegradable.

    8. Allow your sphere twenty-four hours to dry.

    9. Find a place that needs some wildflowers, and drop your seed spheres. You could also give a set of seed spheres as a gift!