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Room Décor is a Big Hit with Kids!

Getting Crafty to Celebrate the Earth!

Make this festive garland using items from your recycling bin to celebrate Earth Day! There are many ways to put this fun craft to work: birthday and graduation parties, team celebrations, classroom and home décor, and more.

What you need:

• Cardboard, paper, cardstock
• Yarn
• Glue, tape
• Scissors
• A jar
• Cookie cutters or online templates (We like the ones at

What you do:

1. Use the jar to trace three or four circles of the same size (these will be your Earth shapes).

2.  Create continent shapes by drawing freehand or outlining from a template. 

3.  Outline people, animal, or tree shapes using cookie cutters or templates.

4.  Cut out all pieces.

5.  Glue the continents to your circles.

6.  Lay out the yarn and plan where each piece will go.

7.  Glue or tape pieces to the yarn.

When dry, hang your garland proudly!

Photography: Scott Schwartzkopf

Central Virginia Waste Management Authority offers waste collection and recycling programs for residential use within thirteen localities in Virginia.
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