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Royally Cool Craft for a Winter’s Day!

Create your own crown using a recycled paper bag, and declare yourself the king or queen of creativity!

What you need:

• Medium to large paper bag 

• Markers

• Scissors 

• Glue stick or liquid glue 

• Acrylic or tempera paint 

• Paintbrush 

• Stapler


• Pompoms, tissue paper,  plastic jewels, sequins, buttons, stickers

What you do:

1. Draw a horizontal line to divide paper bag in half. Cut along the line and discard the bottom half of bag. (Try using the bottom half for another craft.) 

2. Open top half of bag, revealing large paper ring. Make one cut, opening ring to become one large paper strip. 

3. Cut paper strip to size and fit around your head, leaving about a 2-inch overlap of paper. 

4. Flatten paper strip out on table, smoothing out the creases. 

5. Fold entire strip accordion-style, creating about 2-inch sections. 

6. While keeping the paper folded, draw two lines to make a point at the top half. Cut on the two lines. Open up paper strip, revealing a crown shape. 

7. Decorate with paint and embellishments. Let dry. 

8. Fit crown to your head, remove, and staple in place.

9. Put your crown on and have fun playing!

Photos: Courtesy Children’s Museum of Richmond


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