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Shift into Spring Gift-Making Mode!

Make a Customized Bank

Kids can craft a one-of-a-kind gift for Moms, Dads, grads, and others using just a few supplies and (maybe!) a bit of help from a grown-up. Fun to make and customize, it’s a little purse/bank combination.

What you need:

• Toilet paper tube
• Duct tape
• Scissors
• Exacto blade, utility knife, or box cutter (optional)
• Stick-on embellishments

What you do:

1. Cut a small ring (about ¼-inch wide) from one end of a tube. Make a single cut and lay piece flat. Put aside to use for coin purse handle.

2. Place one open end of tube down on a length of duct tape so when end is pulled up the length of tube, it meets the top end. Smooth tape down along tube.

3. Pull opposite end of duct tape so that it comes up to the top edge and over the open end, covering it completely. Cut and smooth down all edges. 

4. Repeat steps two and three to fill in the other two exposed sides of the tube and to create a double layer of tape on either end. Smooth down all edges. 

5. Choose a new duct tape or use the same tape. Lay paper tube down with one end sitting on a side edge of the tape. Wrap this around the tube until the ends overlap slightly and cut. 

6. Repeat step five on the opposite end of the tube. You will have one exposed section in the middle of the tube. Wrap a third piece of tape around that section.

7. To create the handle, cut a piece of duct tape the same length as your handle piece (see step one). Lay the paper piece on the sticky side, then fold duct tape over it. 

8. Wrap a piece of tape from the bottom middle upwards. 

9. Bend one end of the handle piece under and place duct tape over it. Pull handle over the tape being added on and bend the other end under the other side. Continue rolling the tape down the center of the tube until it meets the starting point and overlaps slightly. 

10. Ask an adult to cut an opening into the front of the purse/bank where coins can be inserted. Sharp scissors or a specialty blade are best to cut through duct tape. 

11. Stick one end of a piece of tape above the coin slot and fold it under itself to create a flap.

12. Customize your purse/bank with stick-on jewels, stickers, or any additions you like.

Photography: Scott Schwartzkopf

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