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Jewelry-Making Technique


Jewelry has long been a popular artistic form of cultural expression. In ancient Greece, many designs were inspired by nature, and just as it is today, jewelry was crafted using precious metals and semi-precious stones and glass beads. Starting with a popular household item, you can craft beads for your next piece of jewelry.


1302_KCD_2What you need:

Aluminum foil

Embroidery thread (any size)

Embroidery needle

Optional: homemade or storebought beads, clasps, and other wndings, available in the jewelry section of your local craft store.

1302_KCD_4What you do:

1. Tightly crumple aluminum foil into small balls of different shapes. Experiment by making dime-sized egg shapes, cylinders, and other 3D forms. Your shapes can vary in size. Make 10 to 12 forms.

2. Cut a piece of embroidery thread long enough to wt comfortably around your wrist. Thread your needle and knot the end of your thread.

3. Carefully push your needle through the center of each of your foil shapes. Pull each form through the thread until you reach the knotted end.

4. Once you have threaded each of your shapes, tie the two ends of your thread together around your wrist. Or loop your thread through the hold at the end of your clasp, tie tightly, and wear.

Take it further: String beads in between aluminum foil beads to add some color or incorporate knotting for even more diversity.

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