Sock Puppets

    Craft a Treat for Creative Fun!


    With a minimal amount of supplies, children can make classic hand puppets starting with a sock and some imagination.

    Younger kids can make the sock come alive by simply using markers to draw a face. Older kids might want to work with more complex materials.

    The coolest element here? The styrofoam ball and stick make the whole head of the puppet move up and down inside the shell of a cottage cheese container or other recycled cylinder.

    Of course, the best part about making puppets is the show that comes next!


    What you need:

    • Sock
    • Small cylinder (plastic or cardboard container) cut in half
    • Styrofoam ball (about 3-inch dia.)
    • Chopstick or wooden skewer
    • Miscellaneous art supplies: pipe cleaners, pom-pom balls, googly eyes, felt, etc.
    • Markers
    • Glue, pins, tacks
    • Scissors

    What you do:

    1. Push stick into styrofoam ball.

    2. Poke a hole in plastic container.

    2. Carefully roll sock over ball and stick.

    3. Pull sock down over the top of cylindrical container.

    4. Draw face and details with markers.

    5. Attach eyes and other decorations using glue or pins.

    6. With the stick, you can move your puppet’s head up and down.