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Spring Forth!

Create a Soft Sculpture Bouquet!

1304_KCD_2Be inspired by twentieth-century artist Lucas Samaras, who transformed everyday objects into creative works of art. Explore the art of soft sculpture by up-cycling fabric to create a bouquet.

What you need:
Fabric strips cut to 2×16 inches
Low-temp glue gun with glue sticks*
Twistable wire or chenille stems
Optional: barrettes, pin-back, headbands (found at craft stores)

What you do:

1. Place a drop of glue on one corner of your fabric. Fold the opposite corner onto the glue
2. Roll the folded fabric around the glued end five or six times.
3. Next, twist the fabric and roll it around the folded center. Use a little bit of glue – carefully and sparingly – to keep your flower together.
4. Stop rolling when you have about an inch of fabric remaining.
5. Braid together three strings of pliable wire for a stem.
6. Spread glue on the back of your flower and place the end of the twisty wire stem at the center of the flower. Fold the excess fabric over the back.
7. Cut leaf shapes out of the felt, and fx them on the flower stem with your glue gun.
8. Place your flower in a vase and repeat with other strips of fabric until you have created a bouquet.

Take it further: Instead of adding a stem to your flower, glue the excess fabric over the back and glue it to a barrette, pin-back, or headband and create wearable art.

1304_KCD_3Use glue guns with caution. Only kids twelve and up should craft with glue guns. Adult supervision is recommended.

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