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Stamp of Approval for Art

Make Recycling Fun for Kids

1504_KCD_1Take “art” out of Earth and what do you get? Eh! Here’s a creative way for kids to celebrate Earth Day this month! Make a spring-inspired masterpiece using recycled items from around the house.

1504_KCD_2What you need:

• Piece of paper

• Tempera or acrylic paint

• Paintbrush

• Paper plate

• Plastic bottles, bottle caps,
toilet paper roll, plastic fork1504_KCD_3

What you do:

1.With a dark color, paint one long wavy line from top to bottom of your paper.

2.Paint Y shapes off the line to create more branches.

3.Pour some paint in your desired flower color onto a paper plate.

3.Dip the bottom of the 2-liter plastic bottle into the paint.

4.Press the bottle on the paper near a branch, then lift to create a flower. Dip the bottle in more paint each time you stamp. Use different bottles for different sized petals.

5.A toilet paper roll or bottle cap dipped in paint makes the flower’s center.

6.Dip the fork into paint and use it to create petals.

7.Sign your masterpiece.

All Fired Up is the creative arts studio in Richmond where everyone’s an artist. Kids and adults can work with pottery, glass, and clay. Learn more at All Fired Up.
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