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Buffalo Hide Painting

Hundreds of years ago, the Native Americans of the Plains recorded their memories and told stories by painting scenes on the hides of the buffalo – the animal on which they depended. Use this creative technique to chronicle your own tales.


What you need:

• Butcher paper or brown craft paper (about 12” x 15”)

• Crayons

• Coffee or tea

• Large bowl

• Newspaper
What you do:

1. Fold the paper in half, long edge to long edge.

2. Use a crayon to draw half circles over each corner.

3. Tear along the half circle line to make a rough edge.

4. Open the paper.

5. Using colored crayons draw one event you remember.

6. When you are finished drawing, crumple your paper.

7. Ask a parent to make some coffee or tea, let it cool, then pour into a large shallow bowl.

8. Dip the crumbled paper into the tea or coffee. Squeeze or blot out the extra liquid.

9. Flatten and place on newspaper to dry.

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