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What’s Your Story?

Craft a Cube and Bring a Theme to Life

Story Topics and Themes for Your Cube

Summer vacation cube: Use different squares for different parts of the adventure, such as places, people, weather, and activities.

Patriotic cube: Draw the flag, fireworks, an eagle, the Statue of Liberty, and other symbols of patriotism in each of the squares.

Summer reading cube: Portray main characters, major plot points, and the book’s setting in each of the squares.

Family cube: Draw members of your family in each square. Don’t forget grandparents and pets. Great gift idea!

Summer camps: Put activities, friends you made, and other memories in each square.

Word cube: Think of empowering words that inspire you and write a word in each square.

What you need:

• Empty cereal box or paper grocery bag
• Story cube pattern
(click at right to download pattern as a PDF file)
• Markers, crayons, paints and paint brushes, and pencil
• Scissors
• Ruler
• Tape

What you do:

1. Cut open the cereal box or paper bag and spread flat on table.

2. Use the pattern as a guide

3. Using a ruler, draw the pattern on the blank side of the cardboard box or stiff paper bag. Don’t forget to draw dashed lines with a ruler.

4. Cut along the outermost lines.

5. Draw and color a picture or do word art in each of the squares. You might also cut out pictures from magazines or print pictures for each of the squares on the cube.

6. Fold along dashed lines and tuck flaps inside.

7. Use tape to secure your cube.

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