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Words are Powerful!

Customized Art Speaks Volumes

1508_KCD_1 Whether it’s room décor or a gift for a special someone, this technique offers a creative and fun way for artists of all ages to express themselves.


What you need:

• Canvas

• Contact paper

• Pencil

• Scissors

• Acrylic paints, brushes, and water

• Spray sealer, such as Mod Podge (optional)


What you do:

1.Acrylic paint is permanent so prepare your space and dress for a potential mess.

2.Choose a word or symbol you like. It might be a peace sign, a heart, your name, or a special word: peace, believe, dream, pray, love, or coexist.

3.Draw this word or symbol with pencil on your contact paper, sized so it will fit on your piece of canvas.

4.Cut out the letters or symbol.

5.Peel the pieces off the paper and stick them to your canvas. Press firmly over letters, especially those edges.

6.Paint over your letters, creating a design that works for your room or artwork.  someone might appreciate as a gift.

7.When the paint is mostly dry, carefully peel off your stickers.

8.Touch up any paint, if necessary. Clean all brushes in water.

9.Spray with a sealer if desired.


•If contact paper letters won’t stick to canvas, brush them with Mod Podge and let dry before painting with acrylics.

•Drying can take over an hour, especially if the paint is thick. To speed drying time, place a fan in front of the canvas.

•If removing the stickers is difficult, we recommend using a pin to carefully peel them up.

Gather and Glaza is the Mechanicsville art studio for kids of all ages that specializes in pottery painting, glass fusing, and handbuilding with clay. Learn more at Gather and Glaze.
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