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What to Know About Infants and RSV

The upcoming winter months can bring a host of common childhood illnesses to the forefront of our minds such as colds, flu, and bronchiolitis, which is more commonly referred to as RSV. Bronchiolitis is a respiratory illness usually caused by…

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All About Noisy Breathing

Breathing is the most essential element of life, so it makes sense that parents are concerned when their baby's breathing patterns seem out of the ordinary. Many breathing sounds or noises are variations of normal infant respirations, but some may…

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The Truth About Twins

Becoming pregnant with twins is a double blessing for sure, but carrying and giving birth to two babies at the same time comes with added challenges. Here are answers to some frequently asked twin questions and tips for moms and…

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Keep Your Kids Safe in Cars

The pandemic changed everything in 2020. Schools were closed, children’s activities were cancelled, and cars sat idle as families stayed home to stay safe. One important safety measure may have been overlooked during that time period: Many children may have…

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Vaccinating Your Baby

Vaccination has become a routine topic of incredible importance. News outlets, medical providers, politicians, and scientists are sharing information about how we can safely and quickly use vaccination against SARS-CoV-2 so we can return to work, school, and our new…

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Thinking About Making a Baby?

Nutrition and wellness have always played a large part in fertility. Both things involve a shared focus on the foods we consume, the chemicals we limit or avoid, and the activities that affect our bodies – including sleep, stress, and…

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Kids, Cold Weather, and Car Safety

Bundling up and buckling up are two of the most important things you can do to protect your child, but the two don’t mix when it comes to making sure your child is protected in the event of a motor…

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The Circumcision Decision

Circumcision is a centuries-old procedure and continues to be performed for a variety of reasons, including medical, cultural, and religious. In the United States, most male infants are circumcised for non-religious reasons. Today, 80 percent of males ages fourteen to fifty-nine…

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5 Tests You Need When Pregnant

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. What can you do to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one? How will your obstetrician make sure your pregnancy is proceeding normally? There are all kinds of tests…

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