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Thinking About Making a Baby?

Nutrition and wellness have always played a large part in fertility. Both things involve a shared focus on the foods we consume, the chemicals we limit or avoid, and the activities that affect our bodies – including sleep, stress, and…

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Kids, Cold Weather, and Car Safety

Bundling up and buckling up are two of the most important things you can do to protect your child, but the two don’t mix when it comes to making sure your child is protected in the event of a motor…

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The Circumcision Decision

Circumcision is a centuries-old procedure and continues to be performed for a variety of reasons, including medical, cultural, and religious. In the United States, most male infants are circumcised for non-religious reasons. Today, 80 percent of males ages fourteen to fifty-nine…

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5 Tests You Need When Pregnant

Congratulations! You’re pregnant. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking at the same time. What can you do to ensure your pregnancy is a healthy one? How will your obstetrician make sure your pregnancy is proceeding normally? There are all kinds of tests…

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4 Men’s Fertility Myths

Infertility, the failure of a couple to conceive after twelve months of unprotected intercourse, affects approximately 15 percent of couples. With many people unable to get pregnant, a variety of myths have taken root around the topic of making babies. Let’s…

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Who Needs a Flu Shot?

Fall is one of my favorite seasons with pumpkins, apple picking, pulling out cozy sweaters for a brisk walk, and drinking warm apple cider. Fall is also the time to prepare your family to fight the flu. Every year, millions…

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Ugh! Diaper Rash

Almost every baby will experience diaper rash at some point in the diaper-wearing years. Rashes range from mild to severe and can cause a slight annoyance or a massive upset for you and your baby. Don’t leave yourself guessing as…

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Car Seats, Child Safety, and the Law

Every parent wants to be able to see the precious face of her child when driving, yet switching car safety seats to the forward-facing position before a baby’s body is ready is dangerous. It is much better to rely on…

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