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Break Free From Depression

Depression makes you feel like the whole world is on your shoulders, dragging you down. Most days, it feels like gravity gets the best of you. All you want to do is lay down. Sleep. Escape. Depression makes you feel powerless, but…

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Modern Masculinity

I quit my job because of a health issue. Now my wife is the sole breadwinner, and I’m a stay-at-home Dad. I feel like such a loser… I should be the one making the money and not her.”  Mark’s story…

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Kids and Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy is one of the most widely misunderstood and controversial treatments available. The myths and misconceptions stem from people’s ideas about the hypnotism you might see on a stage.  I get it. I, too, was once in an audience where…

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Men, Depression, and the Beast Within

When it comes to societal roles, men tend to picture themselves as majestic beasts. As beasts, they protect their offspring, work for their families, and have a strong sense of pride in their kingdom. But what happens when the beast…

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Cultivating Positive Body Image

Every day, Americans are inundated with approximately 4,000 media messages. Many of the messages target our kids with distorted ideas about how they should look and act. Kids of all ages and adults often perceive messages and images on social…

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The Truth About ADHD and Teens

It’s a familiar story I hear from parents. My teenager’s room is a wreck. There’s laundry everywhere, dishes under the bed, and she can never seem to find anything. She’s having trouble keeping track of assignments, always procrastinates, and can’t…

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Why IBH Matters for Families

You’re at a wellness check-up for your son, Tommy, and much of the visit has been spent catching up with the doctor about your trip to Yosemite, Tommy’s recent soccer tournament, and the fact that he’s getting pimples. Tommy mentions…

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TBIs and Your Vision

It was one of those freak accidents that you hear about. John, a local professional from Richmond, was in a big box store when a steel display sign hanging from the ceiling suddenly broke and came crashing down on his…

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