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Why IBH Matters for Families

You’re at a wellness check-up for your son, Tommy, and much of the visit has been spent catching up with the doctor about your trip to Yosemite, Tommy’s recent soccer tournament, and the fact that he’s getting pimples. Tommy mentions…

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TBIs and Your Vision

It was one of those freak accidents that you hear about. John, a local professional from Richmond, was in a big box store when a steel display sign hanging from the ceiling suddenly broke and came crashing down on his…

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Calming Power in Deep Breathing

What if I told you there was one thing you could teach your kids to help reduce stress, relieve anxiety, improve focus, and tame tempers? That’s right. There is one thing that achieves all of that – and it requires…

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The Truth About PANDAS/PANS

It’s frightening, really. One day, you wake up and your child seems like a different child. He’s scared to be left alone, refuses to eat foods he used to love, talks about death and other strange things, and blinks sixty…

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Talking to Your Kids About Race

A few years ago, a video Snap was made public where white students from an area middle school held down African American students in sexually explicit positions while making racist remarks. Naturally, parents were appalled. Social media responses like “This…

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Well-being in the Digital Age

Since the early 2010s, screen use has increased significantly with the rise of smartphones and similar digital tech that enables easy access to entertainment media, such as the Internet, social media, video games, and online movies and videos. Because of the…

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Talk to Your Kids About Suicide

Talking about suicide saves lives. Comprehensive studies by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health have been conducted addressing that point alone. The results are irrefutable and worth repeating: Thoughtful conversation about suicide saves lives. Although…

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Don’t Overthink Insomnia

As the most common sleep disorder in America, insomnia affects about two out of every ten Americans. If you have insomnia, most nights you might have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. The sleep you get is often broken…

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How to Help Your Anxious Teen

It’s a common refrain from parents of teenagers. “Haley spends most of the evening in her room. She is always on Instagram and texting with friends.” This process of separating from parents is part of normal development as teens move…

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