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Well-being in the Digital Age

Since the early 2010s, screen use has increased significantly with the rise of smartphones and similar digital tech that enables easy access to entertainment media, such as the Internet, social media, video games, and online movies and videos. Because of the…

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Talk to Your Kids About Suicide

Talking about suicide saves lives. Comprehensive studies by the Centers for Disease Control and the National Institutes of Health have been conducted addressing that point alone. The results are irrefutable and worth repeating: Thoughtful conversation about suicide saves lives. Although…

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Is He Emotionally Ready for College?

Not all kids are college-bound after high school, but many are. For parents who are sending a child off to college for the first time, reactions are often a mixed bag of pride and worry as they contemplate where their…

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Don’t Overthink Insomnia

As the most common sleep disorder in America, insomnia affects about two out of every ten Americans. If you have insomnia, most nights you might have trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, or both. The sleep you get is often broken…

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How to Help Your Anxious Teen

It’s a common refrain from parents of teenagers. “Haley spends most of the evening in her room. She is always on Instagram and texting with friends.” This process of separating from parents is part of normal development as teens move…

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The Truth About OCD

Chances are, you know someone living with obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. Children, teens, and adults suffer from this serious, and sometimes debilitating, mental health problem. There is good evidence to suggest OCD runs in families to some extent, or at…

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Your Child’s Irrational Fears

Children experience a continuous stream of stimuli on a daily basis which can lead to a variety of reactions, including fear. While some fears may be rational, it’s not uncommon for children to develop irrational fears.  Parents can help children…

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Helping Your Anxious Child

Dealing with an anxious child can be heart-wrenching. We are living in complicated times, and children are challenged with mature social, emotional, and developmental issues earlier and earlier. Whether it’s in response to a school lock-down drill to practice emergency…

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Parenting Your Show-Off Child

Negative behaviors in children are often a plea for attention. We’ve all seen it: tantrums, bully-level jokes, and overly dramatic reactions. But what about the child who constantly seeks attention through what is perceived as positive behavior? It’s the over-achiever…

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Child Sexual Abuse

Many of us have memories – some fond, some awkward – of those times when our parents sat us down to discuss sex and sexuality. For some, information from these moments was expanded on through formal education during our middle…

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