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The Truth About OCD

Chances are, you know someone living with obsessive-compulsive disorder, or OCD. Children, teens, and adults suffer from this serious, and sometimes debilitating, mental health problem. There is good evidence to suggest OCD runs in families to some extent, or at…

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Your Child’s Irrational Fears

Children experience a continuous stream of stimuli on a daily basis which can lead to a variety of reactions, including fear. While some fears may be rational, it’s not uncommon for children to develop irrational fears.  Parents can help children…

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Helping Your Anxious Child

Dealing with an anxious child can be heart-wrenching. We are living in complicated times, and children are challenged with mature social, emotional, and developmental issues earlier and earlier. Whether it’s in response to a school lock-down drill to practice emergency…

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Parenting Your Show-Off Child

Negative behaviors in children are often a plea for attention. We’ve all seen it: tantrums, bully-level jokes, and overly dramatic reactions. But what about the child who constantly seeks attention through what is perceived as positive behavior? It’s the over-achiever…

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Child Sexual Abuse

Many of us have memories – some fond, some awkward – of those times when our parents sat us down to discuss sex and sexuality. For some, information from these moments was expanded on through formal education during our middle…

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Can Addiction be Prevented?

When my son Charles was nine, I found a collection of candy wrappers under his bed and I cried. Substance use disorder ran on both sides of the family, and I knew that his stash of sweets meant he had…

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Serious Business of Play

For kids, pretend play is one of the best forms of free entertainment there is. Children effortlessly produce dramatic tales with thick plots, humorous characters, and giggles galore. We often take children’s play for granted. However, a closer look at…

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5 Stress-Busters

As the holiday season gets underway, everyone in the family is excited! The reality, however, is that many of us are left feeling overwhelmed, under-accomplished, stressed out, and downright tired by the first of the year. These five steps might…

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The Truth About Kids and Attention

A month into the school year, and some parents are worried. With parent-teacher conferences around the corner, these meetings – which are supposed to be helpful – might cause some undue stress. Will this be the time the teacher mentions…

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids

It’s check-up season, and you hear the pediatrician ask, “Is there anything we should give special attention to at today’s visit?” Your mind goes immediately to the big changes you’ve noticed in your son’s sleep habits, or to your daughter’s…

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