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The Truth About Kids and Attention

A month into the school year, and some parents are worried. With parent-teacher conferences around the corner, these meetings – which are supposed to be helpful – might cause some undue stress. Will this be the time the teacher mentions…

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Healthy Minds, Healthy Kids

It’s check-up season, and you hear the pediatrician ask, “Is there anything we should give special attention to at today’s visit?” Your mind goes immediately to the big changes you’ve noticed in your son’s sleep habits, or to your daughter’s…

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Sweating Small Stuff

Are there sounds that drive you up the wall? Does pen-clicking, gum-smacking, or knuckle-cracking send you into a tizzy? Depending on the severity of your irritation, you may have misophonia, but most likely you merely have low frustration tolerance (LFT).…

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Organizationally Challenged?

No matter how on top of things you are, even the best-laid plans can go off the rails. And when they do, things can get a little chaotic. Almost everyone has felt disorganized sometimes. While tough times like dealing with…

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When Children Grieve

Grief. Unfortunately, it’s something we will all experience as part of being human. Of course, children experience grief too, and when they do, they will think, feel, and express themselves differently than adults. Hopefully, your child will not experience a…

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How Play Therapy Works

For many adults who feel overwhelmed with emotional stress, seeking the help of a professional therapist is common practice. So, why should it be any different for children? Even though they may not be able to vocalize their emotions in…

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Questionable Counsel

Think of all the people in your life that are on the wrong track. They’re in the wrong career, relationship, or friendship. They’re focusing on the wrong things, behaving poorly towards others, or just generally messing up their lives or…

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When Trauma Affects Children

Children are miracles. As parents, we strive to keep them safe and to minimize hardships. As much as we work to protect them, our children can still be exposed to terrible things. We can’t always shield them from the violence…

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