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How Believing Can Dismantle Seasonal Stress

Studies show that positive emotion and well-being can increase during the holidays, especially with regard to holiday rituals. Regardless of how stressed or frustrated you might feel during this time of year, you can improve your positive emotion by changing your…

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Lost in Thought

Kate thought she was losing her mind. She knew she was a rational person, yet she could not stop thinking about – obsessing about – her uncertainty as a mother. What if she made a mistake? What if she harmed…

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Attention, Please!

“But I can’t have ADHD. I am not hyperactive.” This is what I told the counselor in medical school when I was first diagnosed with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). I knew I was having trouble with concentration in school…

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Is Your Kid a Worrier?

What if the teacher calls on me in math? Do tornadoes happen here? Why does Daddy look upset? These are some of the thoughts that may cause anxiety for our kids. As adults, we worry about our routines, new circumstances,…

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