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Fall Frame-Up

The fun starts with a nature walk to gather supplies. Then move the creativity inside, where kids create classic autumn artwork.   What you need: Crayons Lightweight paper – thin works best School glue, glue stick or tape Leaves –…

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Duct Tape Wallet

What you need: Non-porous work surface Ruler Duct tape (two colors) Scissors What you do: 1. Working on a non-porous surface (glass, marble, hard plastic), begin layering duct tape sticky side down in 8½ inch long strips to create a…

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Writing is Fun!

With supplies from around the house and their imaginations, your kids can craft these fun pencil toppers and get ready to head back to school! What you need: Paper towel or toilet paper tube, or other cardboard material Construction paper…

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Patriotic Portraiture

What you need: Recycled cardboard Crayons Scissors Brown construction paper or brown paper bag Glue Yarn or string Aluminum foil   What you do: Frame: 1. Cut two 9 x12 inch cardboard rectangles. Draw a border one inch inside on…

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Words Work!

Why is it important to reach out to our global neighbors? We asked that question in our Words Work Essay Contest, and gave parents a chance to get their kids talking about the importance of humanitarian aid. Whether it’s at…

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Fishing for Fun

What you need: Perfect stick Yarn or ribbon Construction paper Scissors, markers, crayons, colored pencils, stickers   What you do: 1. Find the perfect stick in the yard or while on a walk. 2. Draw a basic fish outline on…

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What you need: Green tempera paint Cardboard egg carton Construction paper Tissue paper Pipe cleaners Googly eyes Scissors, markers, glue and/or tape   What you do: Caterpillar: 1. Cut cardboard egg carton in two rows and then into smaller segments. 2. Paint…

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Lucky Hats

No need to buy accessories for St. Patrick’s Day when kids can have tons of fun making them at home. Send your little ones on a treasure hunt for that pot o’ gold wearing a designer hat.   What you need: Brown paper grocery bag Green…

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Handmade Hearts

When it comes to kids and homemade Valentines, the trick is to keep it simple. If you’re thinking mass production, it’s best to minimize steps and supplies. These colorful postcards fit the bill perfectly   What you need: Washable paint in…

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Feast Place Cards

This Thanksgiving, your kids can craft with purpose — knowing that their artwork will be a special part of the holiday feast. Pilgrim hats and Native American headdresses, fall leaves, pumpkins, and of course, turkeys can mark each diner’s special…

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