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Accidental Parenting

Years ago, I read somewhere that it wasn’t a good idea to make the television the focal point of a room.  “TVs are nothing more than ugly black boxes the majority of the time,” the article stated. “Why make one…

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Makin’ the Lists!

My child had worked so hard on her list that year that I couldn’t bear the thought of watching her hand it over to Santa.  Things might be a bit more high-tech these days – what with magical elf communications…

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Not All Bullies Hate Raisins

At the tender age of six, it was my youngest who first helped me understand what twenty-first century bullying looked like. “Mommy, please don’t put raisins in my lunch anymore,” she said flatly, while going through her backpack after school…

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This Was Us (and Me!)

When millions of people tuned in to watch the final episodes of This Is Us, I was right there with them. Well, sort of. During its six-year run, I recorded each show and watched later, by myself, so I could…

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Going to the Dogs

It was love at first sight for me. The confident energy. The sleek build. The way his hind legs looked like he was wearing furry chaps – yes, the cowboy pants – when you caught a glimpse of him from…

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Lessons of Spring

Spring in Richmond! It’s rife with daffodils in gardens, baby bunnies in backyards, a dusting of yellow powder on everything, and hummingbirds helplessly trapped in the garage.  Okay, maybe that last one’s just at our house. But we all know…

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It’s a Wonderful Life

“He didn’t want to miss out.” About this time last year, Adam Oakes, a student at VCU, died of alcohol poisoning after drinking a 40-ounce bottle of whiskey at an off-campus party. On the local news, I heard one of…

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Un-Stuffing the Holiday Season

As weird as the holiday season was last year – no meals out, no shows or movie theaters, no big family gatherings, no church service on Christmas Eve – I have to admit, paring back the shopping was kind of…

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Why We All Need Halloween

“Butterfingers are my life.” Our middle daughter, the child who teachers often described as an old soul in elementary school and who in young adulthood still has a somewhat tenuous relationship with smiling, made this statement one Halloween. My husband…

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