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Charity Begins at Home

About a month ago, I made a list. Empty waste cans. Sort whites. Scrub toilets. Clean bedrooms. Unload dishwasher. Dismantle the stockpile of shoes in the utility room that had recently begun to rival the pile of laundry. There were about ten…

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Dad for All Seasons

  “He’s here! He’s here! Paula’s … date… is … here!” Our voices rang out like a trumpet fanfare. My father had already pushed the furniture to the walls, clearing a path through our living room to the front entrance…

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Model Mom

My daughter took a bite of her oatmeal and glared at me. “Is that your breakfast?” At four, she had already mastered the art of raising one eyebrow in judgment. At that moment, she looked more like my mother than…

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Earth Day, Every Day

As editor of a widely read and highly regarded family lifestyle magazine, I am privy to important information to which most parents do not have regular access. I’ll bet you were not informed via email, for example, that April has been…

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Hot Button Topic

Time now for an issue that despite the dearth of attention it receives in the media, affects us all. Today, we’re going to talk about glue gun control. My guess is you’re wondering how we’ll have a productive conversation about…

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Can’t Buy Me Love

To be honest, I’m not sure of the exact words she used. But I do remember thinking: My daughter is absolutely brilliant. In fact, I may have said something along those lines to the woman standing next to me in Target…

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Cell Phone Shopping

While I stood mesmerized in the cereal aisle, overwhelmed by the great wall of boxes, I tried to remember if it was Fruit Rings or Fruity Hoops that I had been instructed not to buy. One of them, I had…

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One to Remember

It was my sister who jolted me back to reality. “Lemme get this straight,” she deadpanned. “Your daughter’s favorite Christmas gift this year was a 30-year-old, used baby doll?” She paused for effect after almost every word. It was true. I…

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Who’s to Blame?

It’s Thanksgiving time again, and I know I speak for every woman in my immediate family over the age of thirteen when I say this: yippee. And while we’re on the subject of cooking. Not long ago, one of my sisters…

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Schooled in the Love of Learning

While waiting to see the dermatologist with my 8-year-old, I picked up Working Mother magazine. In it I found a very official looking School Visit Checklist. Hmmmm. Here’s what to look for in your elementary school, the intro paragraph said.…

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